PS5 stock – live: Very, Argos, Game and Currys restocks are still available – how to buy a console

On the hunt for the elusive console? Here’s where you can buy it today

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<p>On the hunt for the elusive console?  Here’s where you can buy it today </p>
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On the hunt for the elusive console? Here’s where you can buy it today

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Update 27 July: The PS5 is still in stock at Verythe BT Shop and Argoswith digital edition bundles also available at Game, Currys and Scan, It sold out at Amazon within just a few minutes yesterday. Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been ridiculously difficult to get a hold of. Supply chain issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic have brought the production of Sony’s latest games console to a near-standstill.

Thankfully, the stock situation has been massively improved in recent months, with PS5 bundles being readily available in at least one retailer since late April, with Game and the BT Shop, plus several independent retailers like The Game Collection and Scan leading the charge.

We expect this avalanche of console restocks to continue throughout the summer. But while restocks have become more frequent, buying a console on its own is still a challenge, with retailers preferring to restock bundles over the standalone console – those sell out in the blink of an eye. Digital consoles – bundles included – were even more difficult to find, until this week, where we’ve finally seen the cheaper console arrive at several retailers.

If you’re still hunting down the elusive PlayStation 5, we’ve got one tip for you – sit yourself down on this liveblog and watch for your real-time alerts. Our aim is to secure you a next-gen machine, whether that’s a bundle, or a standalone disc or digital edition console, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to nab alongside your new console, plus the latest game reviews.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

Check stock from US PS5 retailers below:


Currys has these PS5 bundle deals available right now

Currys has loads of PS5 bundles available to buy right now. Thirteen of ’em, in fact. The cheapest is priced at £549 and includes the PS5 digital edition console, plus Horizon Forbidden Westan additional Dualsense controller and a SteelSeries arctis 7P+ gaming headset.

Spend a bit more and Currys has a £579 bundle that includes the same console, game and additional controller, plus an internal 1TB SSD to increase the PS5’s storage – a must for the disc drive-less digital edition.

For those feeling flush, Currys has a £729 bundle that includes the PS5 disc edition, plus an additional Dualsense controller, the SteelSeries gaming headset mentioned earlier, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and Lego: Star Wars,


This PS5 bundle is available from Argos

Argos is another retailer to have some PS5 stock available today. This bundle is priced at £569.99 and includes the PS5 disc edition console with Horizon Forbidden Westan additional Dualsense controller in white and a Stealth C6-100 gaming headset

As ever with Argos, whether you can buy this PS5 bundle will depend on where you live and what Argos stock levels are like in your local area – this applies to orders placed for delivery and collection.


This PS5 digital edition bundle is available at Game

After missing in action for months, the cheaper digital edition of PS5, which does not have a disc drive, is finally available in decent numbers at several retailers. Game is one such store, which has sold out of the digital console on its own, but still has a bundle in stock, which includes the PS5, Horizon Forbidden West, an additional Dualsense controller and a controller case. The bundle is priced at £479.99.


You can now request to join Amazon’s PS5 wait list

We’ve just spotted that Amazon is now employing an invitation request system to buy a PS5 in the UK. After first bringing the system to its US store, UK shoppers are also now asked to click a ‘Request invitation’ button. Click that, and you’ll be added into a draw where some lucky shoppers will be emailed a link that is valid for 72 hours. Click the link, and you’ll be able to buy a PS5.

This system is currently being used for the PS5 disc edition on its own, not part of a bundle. This has been far-and-away the most sought-after configuration of PS5, as it gives shoppers the option to pick their own games and accessories, instead of buying a bundle that includes something they might not want.

Amazon says: “If invited to purchase, you’ll get an email with a link that’s valid for 72 hours. We won’t be able to grant all requests.”


The PS5 is also available exclusively to BT customers

Although available for everyone to buy elsewhere, existing BT customers can pick up a PS5 console exclusively at the BT Shop. These consoles can be bought only by customers who enter an access code, which is emailed out by BT. The online store currently has loads of consoles in stock, with more than 50 of each bundle in some cases.

These bundles all include the PS5 disc edition. The cheapest adds in Horizon Forbidden West and is priced at £499.99. Next up is a bundle that instead adds an extra Dualsense controller (in black or white) for a total of £508.98. Lastly, the console can be bought with both the game and the controller for £549.97.


This PS5 bundle is available today from Very

Unlike some other retailers, Very is selling its PS5 stock using a pre-order system. Only one bundle is currently available, including a PS5 disc edition with Ratchet+Clank: Rift Apart for £559.98, and orders placed now will be delivered on 12 August, which is just over two weeks away.


good morning

Good morning and welcome back to another day of PS5 restock live-blogging from the IndyBest team. We saw loads of consoles restocks across multiple UK retailers yesterday (Tuesday, 26 July) and so far it looks like many of those consoles are still available today too.

Stay tuned to this live blog for the latest news on PS5 console and bundle restocks across the UK and US, as well as all of the must-have information on Sony’s next-generation game console.


A recap of today’s PS5 restock events

All righty folks, that’s us done for another day of console tracking. W hope we’ve managed to find you the best console bundle for your needs.

None of them have that je ne sais quoi? Still looking for a standalone console instead? Fret not, we’ll be back tomorrow to bring you more live real-time stock alerts.

Until then, the PS5 is currently in stock at Very, the BT Shop and Argos, with digital edition bundles in stock at Game, Currys and Scan. Catch you all tomorrow.


Best. upcoming PS5 games

Getting your PS5 games wishlist ready? Us too, so we’ve started compiling a list of the best upcoming games coming to the PS5 over the next few months.

From Two Point Campus to Madden 23 and God of War Ragnarok. we’ve rounded up all the games currently available to pre-order today.


PS5 disc edition vs digital

Confused about which console to plump for? Really, the only difference between the two is that the digital edition console doesn’t have a disc drive, while the disc edition console does. This is (we assume) why it’s cheaper.

If you don’t own physical PS4 games and you don’t have a collection of movies on Blu-ray, it could be a good idea to go for the digital edition console.

Games are downloaded from the PlayStation Store and ownership is tied to your PlayStation Network account. Unfortunately, because there’s no disc drive, you won’t be able to play any physical games you might own.

The disc edition of the PlayStation 5 costs £449, while the digital edition, without the disc drive, is cheaper and costs £359. Obviously, when packaged in a bundle, the price is inflated.

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