PS5 stock – live: Very, AO, Argos, Game and Currys restocks are still available – how to buy a console

On the hunt for the elusive console? Here’s where you can buy it today

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<p>On the hunt for the elusive console?  Here’s where you can buy it today </p>
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On the hunt for the elusive console? Here’s where you can buy it today

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Update 28 July: The PS5 is still in stock at Verythe BT Shop and Argoswith digital edition bundles also available at Game, Scan and Currys, which has no fewer than 13 bundles in stock. The PS5 has sold out at AO and Amazon, Read on for more information.

Since its launch in 2020, the PlayStation 5 has been ridiculously difficult to get a hold of. Supply chain issues stemming from the coronavirus pandemic have brought the production of Sony’s latest games console to a near-standstill.

Thankfully, the stock situation has been massively improved in recent months, with PS5 bundles being readily available in at least one retailer since late April, with Game and the BT Shop, plus several independent retailers like The Game Collection and Scan leading the charge.

So far, this avalanche of console restocks has continued throughout the summer. But while restocks have become more frequent, buying a console on its own is still a challenge, with retailers preferring to restock bundles over the standalone console – those sell out in the blink of an eye. Digital consoles – bundles included – were even more difficult to find until just this week, where we’ve finally seen the cheaper console arrive at several retailers.

If you’re still hunting down the elusive PlayStation 5, we’ve got one tip for you – sit yourself down on this liveblog and watch for your real-time alerts. Our aim is to secure you a next-gen machine, whether that’s a bundle, or a standalone disc or digital edition console, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to nab alongside your new console, plus the latest game reviews.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:

Check stock from US PS5 retailers below:


What’s the difference between the PS5 disc and digital editions?


Sony produces two versions of the PS5. These are known as the disc edition and the digital edition. They have the same performance, design and technical specifications, but the digital edition does not have a disc drive. This means games can only be played by downloading them, and obviously there’s no way to play DVDs or Blu-ray movies.

The digital edition is also cheaper, at £359.99 compared to £449.99 for the disc edition. Retailers haven’t shown the digital edition much love over the last couple of years, but we’re pleased to say stock is now more readily available.

In fact, while it isn’t available on its own, you can pick up the PS5 digital edition with Horizon Forbidden Westa second Dualsense controller and a controller case from Game for £479.99 right now.


These branches of Game have PS5 stock on the shelves today

As is increasingly the case, a handful of Game shops have PS5 consoles on their shelves. Stock is usually very limited, so it’s often worth calling your local Game branch in advance to check consoles are still available before you head out.

Each Game shop has its own Twitter account, which is used to tweet about in-store promotions and daily console stock levels. You can view every tweet from every store using this Twitter list,

These are the stores with consoles in stock today:

  • Great Yarmouth
  • Ballymena
  • Dumfries
  • High Wycombe

Game has these PS5 bundles in stock today

The game has a good range of PS5 bundles in stock right now, ranging in price from £479.99 to £649.96. The entry-level bundle is a PS5 digital edition with Horizon Forbidden Westplus a second Dualsense controller and a controller case.

The most expensive offering from Game includes the PS5 disc edition, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Truismo 7 and a second Dualsense controller.


This PS5 bundle can be pre-ordered today from Very

Very is another retailer with PS5 stock available, but shoppers will have to be patient. As Game sometimes does, Very is operating a pre-order system where a bundle can be ordered today, but won’t arrive until 12 August. The bundle in question includes the PS5 disc edition, plus Horizon Forbidden West and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, It is priced at £559.98.


This is the cheapest PS5 bundle available today

We said earlier how the PS5 console is not available on its own. While that is true, the console can still be picked up, with a game, for under £500. This is thanks to a bundle at Game that includes the PS5 digital edition and Horizon Forbidden Westan additional Dualsense controller and a controller case, and is priced at £479.99.

Game had previously sold the digital edition with only Horizon Forbidden West for £409.99, but that package is currently out of stock.


Good morning, PS5 hunters

Good morning and welcome back to another day of PS5 hunting with the IndyBest team. We’re kicking off with good news today, as the console is in stock at a variety of retailers across the UK. This includes bundles with the disc edition and the cheaper, lesser-spotted digital edition too.

Buying either console on its own is still very tricky, with small handfuls of lone consoles appearing on the shelves of Game every so often. Your best bet is to pick up a bundle, then you can always sell on the included games and accessories if you don’t want them.

Stick with this live blog for the latest PS5 restocking news, as soon as we have it.


Live blog signing off

We’re bringing down the shutters on our PS5 restocking live blog for another day, and it’s been another successful one for UK console hunters. As we leave you this evening, stock remains at Very (albeit for pre-order), as well as BT Shop, Argos (in some areas only), Game, Currys and Scan.

We’re even seeing digital edition consoles still available to buy at Game and Currys, which is something of a novelty given how rare that version has been through this year and much of 2021 too. Today also saw Amazon introduce a request-to-purchase system in the UK, where shoppers can register their interest. Amazon then emails out redemption codes at random to some of those who registered, in a bid to balance supply with demand and make purchasing fairer for everyone.

As ever, we’ll be back tomorrow for another day of PS5 hunting across retailers in the UK and US.


Smyths still expects stock before August

Smyths doesn’t have any PS5 stock at the moment, but its website says more will arrive before the end of July. With 1 August falling next Monday, the toy retailer doesn’t have long left to make good on its promise. This will hopefully see the PS5 disc edition with Horizon Forbidden West for £499.99 come back into stock.

As for other PS5 items, like the console on its own or a bundle with Gran Turismo 7Smyths says these now won’t be in stock online until some time in August.


These branches of Game have PS5 stock available in-store today

We’ve spotted a handful of PS5 consoles sitting on the shelves of some branches of Game today. These tend to sell out very quickly, so it’s always worth calling up your local store to check if the consoles are still there before heading out. Stores tend to tweet regularly about console stock levels, and you can view all tweets from all branches of Game in this Twitter list,

Here are the stores with PS5 stock today:

  • Carlisle House of Fraser
  • Corby
  • salisbury
  • Pontypridd Sports Direct
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Swindon

The best 4K TV for your new PS5

If you’ve just bought a PS5 then you might well be in the market for a new television, too. The PS5 outputs video at 4K resolution and can even handle games running at 120 frames per second. That’s something not all TVs can manage, so if you want to see your new console running at its best, a new TV could be worthwhile.

We’ve rounded up nine of the best 4K TVs available right now, from manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic, among others. And the great news is you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great 4K television – prices of our favorites start at under £400.

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