VIP hall

VIP hall

A great place for celebrating family holidays or corporate parties, our institution offers guests a VIP room, which has Ukrainian flavor.


In the center of the hall is the beauty of the stove, which is the shore of the dwelling and symbolizes the family hearth.


The VIP room is conveniently located because it is near the indoor dance floor.


It is the perfect place for celebrating children’s holidays and the dance floor is a great place to be

performances of animators.

Vechornici Restaurant offers a wide selection of European and Ukrainian dishes, as well as a specially designed children’s menu.


We take care of your health first and foremost, so we give you the benefit of being healthy

balanced nutrition.


Our seasoned chefs always cook with love,

and friendly waiters bring your loved ones

dishes with a smile.


The banquet hall is designed for 20-40 people.

Pleasant atmosphere of peace and comfort


will leave unforgettable and vivid memories


Your holiday!


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