How to Have a Memorable Wedding: Six Tips for Newlyweds

Some of us have already learned all the care and pleasure given to the wedding.


Someone is preparing to become a bride and, listening to the stories of the first wedding brawls, assures: “Not! I will not have that! ”.


But in fact, most newlyweds face the same concerns: choosing festive images and important wedding attributes, finding a special place for two for the honeymoon period and, of course, excitement.


We have something to say in these questions. Well, let’s go down!

Dream dress

Yes, at some point, simple and concise wedding dresses have become a real revolution in corset-crinoline madness. However, minimalism is enough for me today in everyday life, and on an important day I want to have a special look and feel too – especially. However, if restrained classics will capture your heart – do not deny yourself this. It will remain a clear trend for a very long time.


Personally, I have skin ants from delicate “marshmallow” dresses from dozens of layers of weightless fatin and tulle. The bride in this outfit is incredibly feminine and timid. However, I would recommend to avoid the extremes of Wedding Fashion Week: let the skirt be lush in moderation and without endless train.


More interesting is the trend that makes the color atypical. Designers suggest experimenting with the boldest, but my clear favorite is a quiet nude that almost blends in with the skin tone. The cream palette is much softer than the traditional white, so the overall look is very elegant and sensual.


No less exciting are the silhouette translucent dresses made of ultra-thin lace. If suddenly I decide to do so, in the last months before the wedding I will have to spend the night in the gym, and my girlfriends should be invited not to wine with cheese, but to a chicken breast with a glass of water … But this is another question 🙂


Check the ordered menu in the restaurant; find out if the bouquet is ready; call the presenter; agree on a photo shoot with the photographer; decide on a manicure … Before bed, the bride sees an endless list of tasks. It seems if you forget at least one thing – the whole wedding will go nuts.


Although I did not have to try on the role of the bride, I have already witnessed the special days of close friends.


And among them – not a single calm soul. Getting the bride out of the stress zone is not an easy task. However, I will suggest some effective lifehacks …

Watch Bridesmaid Fun Movie. It will not only improve the mood, but also allow you to look at yourself from the side. Remember Charlotte from Sex and the City? Her wedding to Harry was not perfect, but so heartfelt! Think, perhaps, the thing is not in the ideal, but in personal happiness?

Arrange an incendiary bachelorette party. With the best girlfriends, table dancing, stormy champagne, a night out in the car and even a stripper! Be sure to bring a drop of madness to life.

Spend more time with your beloved. In the wedding bustle, he especially needs your support. Believe me, he's worried too! So instead of blaming him for inaction, listen to your partner more often and get interested in his thoughts.

Spend a weekend at the spa. 24/7 wedding training is so exhausting that at some point you are already falling. Weekends with massage, aromatherapy and chocolate wrap will give incredible pleasure, and also have a positive effect on the skin.

Look for inspiration. Read your favorite book, get a bride's diary, or find some life-affirming quotes that will motivate you. You can print and post inspirational words so that they are always in front of your eyes and point the right way.

Look for inspiration. Read your favorite book, get a bride's diary, or find some life-affirming quotes that will motivate you. You can print and post inspirational words so that they are always in front of your eyes and point the right way.

Details Important

"Let's call Aunt Nadia? .."

Many couples deal with the difficult invitation of guests to the wedding. Parents want to see almost all their relatives, but children dream of a narrower circle of guests. Frankly speaking, my lover and I are no exception. However, to my mother, “Donja, and we will call Aunt Nadia?” – she answered “yes, but no”.


I admit, it was not easy to untangle a ball in my throat. But with all due respect to our relatives, we dreamed of a chamber wedding – and that wish had to come true!

A small holiday allowed us to prepare it ourselves … for the little things. Particular attention was paid to the invitations. We wanted each guest to feel our special attitude towards him – and here, handmade work was a win-win. Instagram came to the rescue: they found a designer who created wedding cards with concise illustrations and envelopes. They also ordered a seal with their initials.


I will always remember the evening when my beloved melted a wax over a candle, sealed envelopes and knocked out a family “coat of arms” on it.

P.S. The greeting cards indicated that we were inviting guests for a family dinner, thus emphasizing the coziness and ease of the event.

A taste that is forever remembered

A wedding cake is unlikely to eclipse your sweet kisses, but you will remember its taste for a long time. Of course, if you care about that.


We did not want to impress the guests with a sweet castle, they did not exactly see on their cake figures of people (how to eat them then!) And mastic, with which it is difficult to cut the delicious. Instead, we were inspired by Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s wedding cake – appetizing in appearance, minimalistic in decor and unusual in taste (many were surprised by their choice of lemon toppings).


We also chose mint-spinach cakes with lemon-carambol cream. You are probably surprised by the taste combination. But actually the cake was very light, not too sweet – an ideal option for well-fed guests. The main dessert of the holiday was enchanted by its naturalness: the striped green-lemon filling was wrapped in white cream and decorated with fresh flowers.


Tasting helped us not to worry about choosing unusual stuffing. In fact, not all confectionery offers it. But we found the same one! Sucking on six toppings made sure which ones were “too heavy” for both the weights and the stomach, which quickly “thawed” (this nuance was important because the wedding was in the summer). In addition, they had the opportunity to express the wishes of the confectioner – to make lemon-carambolic cream less acidic.


But most importantly – the wedding cake tasting became a common sweet event that we fondly remember!


By the way, they ordered a smaller version of the wedding cake for the first anniversary – and again felt its divine taste. Take note of a good tradition!


Finding this small, but equally important, wedding attribute has suddenly become a daunting task.


We wanted our wedding rings to have a good treasure chest that would fit the wedding style (rustic).


Finally, a wooden box decorated with delicate lace, which cut two birds with our names and wedding date, found on in the Latvian master.

The bouquet you want to look at

So a wedding photographer said about my wedding bouquet. In fact, the bouquet was quite laconic, medium in size and lively in shape (here she listened to a photographer who advised against choosing a microphone from flowers). But at the same time it had a zest – among the dahlias with a delicate violet shade of petals, white eustas, veronica and eucalyptus was succulent. Frankly – I was hesitant about this choice for a long time, but I was disarmed by the words of the florist: “I want to finally make such a bouquet!” She never regretted her “yes” to this offer.


So, bride, I advise you not to keep up with trends in floristry. Choose flowers that your heart responds to and will be a harmonious complement to your special image.


By the way, for your wedding bouquet may be your friend, about the difficult and at the moment interesting fate, which my colleague will tell.

What awaits a friend

A wedding is the best excuse to have an uncontrollable pastime for several days without conscience.


But if you are fortunate enough to become not just an invited guest, but a girlfriend of the bride, it is worth preparing for the inevitable.



First of all, you are responsible for the organizational part of the wedding.



It is necessary to think of competitions, as well as the design of the hall, invitations and take care of a number of little things.



If we are talking about a Ukrainian traditional wedding (which I was fortunate to visit), we will have to “sell” the bride. “We have the goods – you are the buyer” … and everything in that spirit.


This is where a girlfriend has to show all her charisma and charm and at least not fall in price. For it is called a treasure!



On the wedding day to help the bride to catch a ride, to catch all the boutonniere guests, to deal with flowers and gifts. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, because the main task of a friend is to be alert if suddenly the “pearl” of the holiday needs help.



A friend is always in the spotlight, and if there is a toast at the holiday, she is without exaggeration the “queen” of his competitions.



And the queen of the dance floor, because it is the girlfriend of the bride, by her own example, who inspires the guests of “Density”, as a star of world choreography.

Romance of Paris

A wedding trip is no less important than a celebration. After all, it gives the first family memories and impressions.


And what could be more romantic than a vacation in Paris? You will definitely remember this journey to old age, especially if you plan everything yourself. Only without panic, everything is easier here than it seems.


The main thing – make sure in advance about airline tickets, housing and insurance. And the cultural program in Paris will find itself. And I’ll also give you some tips from your own experience to help reduce your headache and help you save money.


Hotels in Paris are very expensive. And spending the night at the hostel is not your dream honeymoon, is it? I advise you to book apartments with Airbnb - and there are a number of benefits to this solution. First, you can find cute apartments that are much cheaper than a hotel room. And secondly, and most importantly, only in such a dwelling is true Parisian charm. The vintage wooden staircase in the entryway, the huge windows that look out on the neat street, and the exquisite simplicity of the interior - this is an incredible aesthetic pleasure that you will tell your children about.


Here in Paris, it's a separate kind of art. The unparalleled aroma of butter baking is haunting you everywhere. Be sure to sip pasta from a bakery nearby, drink a glass of wine and - beware! - try the croissant. I promise, it will become one of the most vivid memories of your journey.


If you arrive early in the week (Monday through Wednesday), I advise you to purchase a Navigo ticket. Its weekly variation helps to save a lot of money on transport and does not have to buy subway or bus tickets every time. It costs 24 Euros, and it can be used by the way from the airport to the city, because there is a metro connection. Without a ticket, transfer from the airport and back will cost almost the same amount of money. And just lifehack: take with you a photo card 3 * 4, like a passport.

5 questions each pair will need

Couples strive to maintain their relationship in their most sincere and romantic way. I suggest starting your wedding day with a tradition that will make each of your next years full of love and understanding.


Here are some questions to show you the true beauty of a relationship. Answer them on a holiday and continue the tradition of each anniversary. It will be interesting to see how your perspective on these five things will change over the years.

What do you like most about you?

It may be the color of your eyes or the desire to change the world. Does it matter? The main thing is that you are irresistibly drawn to each other.

Last time I could not cope / cope without your help.

Often among the little things are lost true feats. So do not forget that gratitude to someone who is willing to give you the whole world is the most valuable gift.

What are my next plans for you?

It is extremely important for your loved one to understand where he / she is in your picture of the world. So remember that small and grand projects are more fun to embody together.

Five words that I can describe to you.

Definitely need to record them every year. You get a number of wonderful words that support the most fervent feelings in your hearts.

Our shared activity that I adore.

Maybe you like shopping trips together. Or you are excited about riding together. The main thing is an unbreakable bond that unites you.


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