10 tips on how to prepare your wedding in a month

Usually, to prepare for a wedding is advised for three months, and for a big wedding – and for six months. But if the desire to get out this fall is so strong that you are not afraid of fire or water – do not back down! Accumulate endurance, confidence and good humor: a wedding is your personal holiday, and in a month and a half you can have a great deal.

We go for the appliances

So, first, decide what amount of money you expect and what size of wedding you want (can) afford. Whether it will be a beautiful wedding with a small number of guests, or it will be a restrained holiday for all relatives. The main thing – do not think that you should invite everyone-everyone-everyone. Otherwise you will be looking for money for several years.

To reduce the risk of something being forgotten and, therefore, less nervous, make a list of all the necessary preparations and prioritize it. Cross out the items as you complete them.

Such small (at first glance) moments as cake, loaf, towels, transport should not be left for later. Better delegate their search to friends and family, but be sure to monitor your progress.

A few days before the bride’s holiday, most worries should be put on the shoulders of witnesses and parents. For example, once again call all the guests, the restaurant, the host, the musicians and more. Let the others do it, and the bride will dedicate these days to herself – go for a massage, various cosmetic procedures.

Remember that hairstyles and makeup should be selected not in the wedding day, but in advance. So dedicate this week to your wedding day.

Paintings and weddings – together or separately

If you are planning a one-day wedding, a wedding and a restaurant, finding a free date in the midst of the wedding season, which falls at the end of summer – early fall, will be more difficult. After all, weddings are usually celebrated on Friday-Sunday, so RAGS will have queues these days.

However, it is possible to sign even on a weekday, and the festive celebration (wedding and restaurant) can be scheduled for the weekend. In this case, your job is to find a free restaurant.

If the institutions in the city are already busy, search the city or look at all sorts of writers’ homes or composers. But in that case, your desk should also have full table organization.

If a free restaurant is found – hurry up to the RAGS application, as you will only be posted one month and one day after submitting documents. That is, a restaurant and a church should be searched for at least a month.

If the funds allow you, you can book an exit ceremony – usually, they are chosen just to avoid the long raucous speeches at RAGS. For an exit ceremony, you can make a speech yourself, and you can rely on the presenter. The only nuance – often leading field ceremonies – is in the past employees of the RAGS.

The ideal duration of the ceremony is 20-30 minutes. If you do more, both the guests and you are tired.

Wedding dresses – no rules

Finding a costume and dress can draw all your nerves. For starters, you can read deals on the Internet or call your local salons – this is to avoid wasting your time at shops that don’t suit you.

If you do not find the desired dress in the salons and in the bazaars (and there you should see it), do not worry – sew it for a month is absolutely real. But decide more quickly – in less time you have to pay both money and nerves.

Remember that the wedding is your personal holiday, so the holiday should be the way you want it. Today, according to representatives of wedding agencies, young couples are increasingly moving away from the classics, not afraid to experiment – arranging themed weddings.

Previously, the colors of weddings (restaurant design, flowers, etc.) were limited to delicate, light colors – white, pink, beige, then today more and more couples choose bright colors – crimson, light green, turquoise. Specially made of tablecloths, napkins, make the design of the hall in these colors.

But also forget about the trendy European-style wedding now – matured, in a single color scheme, thought out to the smallest detail, with an elegant bride dress, fresh flowers, string quartet and more.

Holiday: from start to finish

The best option for the duration of the celebration is to start the ceremony at 4 days and end the celebration no later than twelfth night. The second day is a quiet lunch. But it is not necessary.

Wedding rhythm is classic: the celebration is divided into three main parts. The first is calm. Greetings to the newlyweds, meeting guests, basic toast – parents and witnesses. Next break is the first dance of the young, perhaps showing a clip or a slideshow about the couple.

The second part is more active. It includes performances by musicians, dancers or other entertainment. Next is a short break when guests can go for a walk, relax, socialize.

The third part is the most saturated. Here are the main wedding traditions – throwing a bouquet, garters, etc. In this part, the cake is cut, and the whole holiday begins to gradually approach its completion.

Competitions today are increasingly being abandoned so as not to tire guests. Among the topical entertainment nowadays are slideshows, photos shown on the plasma, modern ballets, ballroom couples, acrobats, circus artists, magicians, jugglers, sand shows, animation, soap bubble shows, fakirs …

If your wallets do not include such a program, invite your friends to help you come up with your own contests or quizzes. For example, the groom’s friends may come up with tricky questions for the groom. What’s more interesting is that if she doesn’t have the answers and invent something fun.

Usually, DJs or musicians are invited to accompany the music. But an alternative to them may be a disk that you prepare yourself on your own preferences.

If you manage to agree with the restaurant that you will bring your own alcohol, experts advise that one bottle of wine per person plus 300 grams of heavier drinks should be calculated.


To avoid unwanted and unwanted things, prepare a wish list and send it to your guests. Today, such a list can easily be created on the Internet. And don’t be shy – there’s nothing wrong with that. This method has long been practiced in the United States and Western Europe. If you would like to receive money as a gift, then it is also worth telling the guests.

As for gift giving, young people are usually greeted and given gifts after the official part. As a rule, a witness holds a box or special box with a slot in which guests throw money.

If you don’t like the guest queue, you can experiment with Western traditions. For example, in America at the holidays there is a special table on which guests make packages with their business cards attached to them. It is quite possible to combine our and Western traditions: before the start of the feast, you can schedule a half-hour or even an hour for a cocktail reception.

During this time, you can take presents, treat yourself to a glass of champagne and get acquainted with them, and even take a half-hour to take a picture – if the wedding takes place in a restaurant with interesting territory.

Photo in memory

Of course, good photos need preparation – if you take a photo in a hurry, you will get those photos.

The photographers themselves are advised to give this process at least 3-4 hours. The atmosphere should be calm, the couple relaxed and open. Accordingly, the option when the couple after RAGS together with all the guests leaves for half an hour to be photographed near the monuments – the most unsuccessful. The guests are hungry, the couple is excited about the holiday and worried about the next program, everyone is in a hurry, there is no time to think about the place and the composition.

One option is to take a picture the other day. The day before you are unlikely to succeed, because by faith, the groom should not see the bride in a dress before the wedding. So you can take a picture the next day or spend a few hours on your wedding day and have a buffet or a city tour.

Photos near the monuments to the founders of Kiev or Prony Prokopovna on the descent are already at the level of the moneton. Much better to choose a place where there are large meadows, lakes, small towns – parks, alleys, Pirogovo, Theophania and more.

Do not forget to bring with you props such as champagne and two glasses. Or something else – what your fantasy suggests.


It may seem that a bouquet is a little thing that can be left for later. Not worth it. Professionals advise ordering a bouquet a week for two, as the flowers for the wedding bouquets are not seasonal but often exotic, and they are brought from abroad. This only takes ten days.

Now the vast majority of girls want to have something more special than a standard hemisphere bouquet, so they order a florist an individual project that combines flowers, exquisite greens, berries and even fruits. It will take at least a month to complete such an order – so don’t delay.

If you want to keep your wedding bouquet in mind, then you need to order two bouquets – the main bouquet and a doubler that the bride will throw to the unmarried girls.

Do you need a toastmaster?

There is a big difference between a toastmaster and a presenter. And today, couples are increasingly refusing toastmaster services, from noisy competitions in favor of discreet presenters. Increasingly, couples want to see a good entertainer in the first place. The presenter should be restrained, humorous, with good manners and most importantly – he should not be much.

Some people remember the various competitions with eggs, flour or toilet paper and are very afraid of such developments at their wedding. When there is a good presenter, these competitions are unnecessary – neither guests nor young people are stressed, bored or worried.

However, in this case, the scenario can not do. There are two options for organizing a wedding, if the wedding is organized by a wedding agency or is a wedding coordinator, then they are writing the script, if the couple is preparing for the holiday on their own, the script is most likely to be written by the presenter.

Choosing a presenter is a must for personal contact with a person – meet with him more than once, and not twice, especially if he is personally engaged in the development of the holiday scenario. Try to choose a presenter who specializes not only in weddings or non-weddings at all. In this way, you can avoid banal contests and erased stereotypes about entertaining guests.

If you are considering whether to abandon the presenter or toastmaster at all, then hold the horses. Experts in the field of wedding organization do not advise to do so. The presenter sets the tone of the event and can direct it. Just sitting, drinking, eating and chatting is boring for a wedding program. Without a leading wedding it can turn into a regular feast.

Salutes and fireworks

Here is one rule – if you want fireworks, order them from professionals. In any case, do not buy salutes, firecrackers and other pyrotechnics at the bazaar with your hands, and do not try to save in any way – it is about the safety of you and your guests.

In addition, there are great alternatives to salutes – gentle, calm and beautiful, such as launching paper lanterns into the sky. No less spectacular, not so shabby, but also quiet and safe.

P.S. A wedding is a wedding of the bride and groom, and it should be organized in the way you want, not your parents or relatives. And moreover, in preparation for the holiday do not be guided by the eternal “And what will people say?”.

Nobody demands a white dress, a cocktail party for three hundred people and a salute that would eclipse the salute for Ukraine’s Independence Day. The main thing is to know clearly what you want and have the time and inspiration to realize it all.

Take care of each other!


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